About me!



Stort 30 (2)Hi to all you mad trail, road and ultra running people! This is going to be all about my crazy running adventures, experiences and race reports! I am an aspiring runner of all terrains and distances, at 22 years old i hope that i can only continue to learn and improve with experience! My best results include winning the 2017 UK Middle Distance Trail Running Championships in a new course record at the Stort 30, a 2:36 Marathon under my belt as well as a few wins and podiums along the way. I am fortunate to have recently become an ambassador at XMiles, Active Root, Fori bars and Lucho Dillitos. Do please check out their great range of products for all your running needs! With my blog i hope that i can take you on my journey with me, i love training and competing for race wins, but i get just as much enjoyment in sharing these experiences with my dad. I even managed to convince him at 48 years old to run his first marathon! Mental or what! So my aim is to take you with me as best as i can with my race reports!